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Work - It's a word being thrown around a lot recently...

Whether heard through hit songs or statements from those in government wanting certain groups of people like doctors to do more of it, the numerous times i've heard this one syllable word has caused me to have a few thoughts on the mindset I choose to have about it.

Now about a week ago I began planning out and thinking about all the work i'm going to have to put in over the coming weeks and months, both in trying to get a decent grade in my University exams, whilst also trying to finally launch the SolarDock in what I hope will be a successful launch this summer after all this time.

In all honesty, as the list detailing the amount of work I realised i'd need to put in got longer and longer, I did begin to feel disheartened, with all the classic phrases coming out like "why do things have to be so long and so much work" and "I wish I could just slow down, take a break and chill".

Soon after though, I realised that before I myself started to put in the work needed in order to get those items done, I had to change my whole attitude and mindset on working, especially in the case of working through things that I choose to do out of interest.

Looking back now, I can remember with a smile all the times I reacted to my parents asking me to do a job like a chore, with the idea that being handed work such as that was me being punished for something. In youth I had (and I hope i'm not the only one or else perhaps I was a more difficult child than I first thought) the belief that work was just something out there preventing you from doing other things that you want to do all the time.

In reality now I realise that I had things the other way around, in the world I have to put in work in order to allow myself to do and achieve the things I want, rather than work being that punishment for existing that I used to think it was (I was a dramatic child).

Now that i'm in such a fortunate position, and my work is largely based around doing something i'm passionate about, such as making renewable energy more affordable/user friendly for more people on a smaller scale through my SolarDock, I realise i'm really not in a position to complain about work, when there are other people out there grinding through work they don't like, because they have to.

So whilst I may still struggle at times to keep a positive outlook about getting through my statistics based "Management Decision Making" coursework over the next couple weeks, I can at least smile knowing that getting the job done well (and soon) will help me get closer to achieving what I want for the future.

I'm just going to finish with a quote from my favourite grime artist JME, as I think it fits in pretty well with my thoughts (although I haven't even passed my practical driving test yet xD ).

"You want that Beemer you want that Merc, money, cars, clothes,
Those are the perks, but to get there you gotta put in that work".


Feyi Ogunyeye

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