Available for custom orders - The BrighThinking Ecostand!

The BrighThinking Ecostand is a simplistic consumer phone stand that can be customised with a logo or text, in order to provide businesses with a unique eco marketing product and high quality corporate promotional item.

The "Eco" in the Ecostand name comes from the fact that all units of the product in select colours are made from 100% recycled acrylic (unless specified otherwise).

At BrighThinking we realise that a lot of the reasons behind the slow adoption of eco-friendly gadgets and tech, comes from the lack of options provided by businesses, to provide the market with products that are more sustainable and eco-friendly in their production.

Through products like the Ecostand, we hope to begin changing the way that simple gadgets such as phone stands, are manufactured and sold, in order to prove that these types of products don't have to cost the earth.


EcoStand Order Form:


In order to find out more about the Ecostand, or to receive a quote for a custom order for the product with your name or logo added, please fill the order form above.



EcoStand prices:

- 50-99 units = £3.49 per EcoStand*
- 100-199 units = £3.29 per EcoStand*
- 200-399 units = £2.99 per Ecostand*
- 400+ units = £2.79 per Ecostand*


*Prices listed above exclude delivery

*The BrighThinking Ecostand is a registered design at the UK Intellectual Property Office with the design number 4030717.