Introducing the

BrighThinking SolarDock

Making use of Renewable Energy for charging personal devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. User friendly and affordable for everyday life.

We here at BrighThinking aim to prove that it doesn't have to cost the earth for anyone to take advantage of Renewable Energy, such as Solar Power, for everyday use.

Designed with the everyday user in mind

The current range of solar phone chargers on the market seem to operate on the idea that you can only benefit from Solar Energy for charging small devices like smartphones, when you are outdoors.

We beg to disagree, and with the SolarDock we aim to show the world that it is possible to create a solar charger which looks good, is user-friendly, and works effectively indoors.

It's about creating a #BRIGHTFuture

We believe that the SolarDock will bring a #BRIGHTFuture to our world. This is all about "Bringing Renewable, and Innovative ideas to the General-public through Household Technology - BRIGHT".