Jimie Ross-Gower - Visionary and Co-founder / Consulting Designer at BrighThinking Ltd

All design begins with a problem, and unfortunately in many cases, our very attitude to the problem influences us to produce ineffective outcomes. It is only when we look at existing products, not as part of the solution but as part of the problem, that we can begin to make real, lasting change.

When it comes to ecology by far its biggest problem is its image. It is seen as niche, and for the eco-freaks. The social contract compels us to argue for ecology, but our consumer taste steers us away from the existing clichéd visual language that often befouls ecological products, rendering them out of place in the contemporary environment.

To my mind a product’s ecology should never be the first thing you notice about it. What you should notice is its style, and how easy and comfortable it is to use, its ecology should be the last thing you see. An ecological product cannot bank off its ecology, it must work just as hard to be an elegant, and sophisticated piece of beautiful design as any other product.”

The end result with the SolarDock is a product equally at ease in the modern office, as the modern home; a product with a subtle elegance that is easy to ignore, but difficult to forget.