Feyi Ogunyeye - Aspiring Inventor and Entrepreneur / Managing Director and Co-founder at BrighThinking Ltd

There are 2 sides to each label out there that could and have been used in recent years to describe what sort of person I am.

Plymouth University Business Management Graduate, or Entrepreneur in the making?

A young and creative mind, or a well motivated individual who still has all of his best work and ideas to come? 

A proactive innovator who loves seeing and being a positive impact in the world of business? Actually that last label is one that I aim towards having each time I wake up in the morning.    

One of the main labels out there that I think best summarises myself is someone who hates a missed opportunity, and I believe my growing number of honors and awards as a young person, display my aim to try to eliminate situations where I can look back, and think about how I should have done more with a specific opportunity that I have had. 

My strong interest both as a future inventor and business person in solving problems, or identifying a process that could be improved in a certain way, has me constantly working on new ideas such as the BrighThinking SolarDock, which is a solar-powered charging station for mobile phones that I have developed and am looking forward to launching to the public with BrighThinking in the future.

Here's a highlight video (1 of 2) from my 2017 business conference talk, on the Diary of an aspiring Inventor and Entrepreneur.

*Footage taken from the Future Sync conference 2017 and edited by Alex Burton.*